Hello its Hillary. This is my second time having a blog.I will have my work like writings, pictures probably and much more haaaaaa. i will always have a great time in here and never post things that are improper. I will put my best writing and work i ever had.I will never  the people reading my work! i like to be in the water. when i am in the water i feel like in home.it is really impossible to get me out of the water.  I like really to go to the beach of course i do. I like to hear music that is crazy and with rythem. I really don’t like when it rains it is just bad for me and the only thing i do is stay home on my computer. I love going on my computer.i have four people in my family my mom, dad, and my two brothers. I really like to read scary books and i love vampires even if they are not true or maybe they used to be real. I really wish if i can be a vampire they are so cool.I have three favorite friends that are like sister they are Mimi, Sarah, and Karely. I love to see twilight and the other movies. There they bests.I go for team Edward. Jacob is cool to but he is a werewolf not a vampire. even though my sisters/friends go for Jacob. I love edublog’s it is the best thing EVER! please feel free to leave coments and thanks!

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  1. Hello Hillary
    You have a lot of interests and friends by the sounds of it!
    It’s cool that you love the water and swimming and the beach so much – do you live near the beach?

    The beach is a big part of my culture down here in Australia – swimming and playing at the beach are favourite things to do here!

    So you like scary books and vampires – hmmmm – I must admit that I don’t like being scared even in a book! I once read a book that was so scary I had to put it outside my house at night because I couldn’t sleep with it in my room!

    I hope you have a lot of fun blogging – it sounds like you will 🙂

    Keep it up


    • @mrs P
      hi thanks for commenting. And no i don’t really live near the beach though sometimes i got to admit i sometimes wish that I did live near the water. I love the water, It makes me feel………… nice and comfortable. One of my friend say that i must be the daughter of Poseidon to love the water and we both just laugh. I like how Australia is sounding. It sounds nice to live near the water. I do love scary story but i really love the vampires they are intersting. That’s why i love reading the Twilight series and the Cirque Du freak books. They have the both things i love in a story. My teacher showed me the Cirque Du freak books and i started to love them so much. I’m almost done with the series just one more book. I wish one day I can visit Australia so i can enjoy the surrundings of the water.

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