Well again i have to nominate someone for the http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2010/05/23/time-to-nominate/. But this time it is a bit difference. You are suppose to nominate someone not from your class but from another place. And i already have my blog that I would like to nominate. That blog is http://mc2cougar.edublogs.org/. I liked her blog a lot. She had sweet things in the sides. She had animals, little cute animals, a time clock. And bunch more but what i liked really was her writing. She wrote so many intersting things. Like how she got her name,Melissa. And it looks like she didn’t miss any challenges. She wrote a lot about her class as well. She had her blogs that she likes. She wrote a poem that was really lovely. So her blog was the best blog i have seen from other people blogs. She really took her time in the blog.So that’s why I nominated her blog.

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