Student Blogging Challenge Week 3

Lawndale is a nice place to live. it is calm but there is still many exciting things in Lawndale. You always see people outside playing games(skateboarding basketball soccer and ECT.) mostly in the parks though. The place might look small but it is huge. There’s malls and malls. There is always traffic in the streets. People running people going out in nice cloth,  people outside just to be looking around. Lawndale has nice places to go like the mall. To buy shoes , cloth , games and ect. You can also go to parks play games. The beach is really nice especially when the sun sets and rises. You can get cool in the beach, have fun. Another place is the library. When you want to get a book or want a place where you can read calmly. They have all the books you can imagine. The city of Lawndale is really safe. Lawndale try’s to keep it safe as long as possible. You would feel happy living here. A lot of nice people and houses. You would never regret living in Lawndale. I would always stay in Lawndale in a exciting and non boring place! It will always be fun and a nice place.

One thought on “LAWNDALE

  1. Hillary,
    The place I live is very small. We have one shop which is also the petrol station. You have to drive about 10 minutes to get to other shops. But the advantage of my place, is that it is on the beach, less than 500 metres to walk.

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