Should kids under 13 but older than 9 be able to have Myspace????????

Should young kids under 13 but older than 9 be able to have Myspace? Is Myspace even safe? Myspace is a good way of communicating with people. You get to make new friends. The friends could be halfway around the world but they feel like they are just inches away. You get to make knew knowing’s you didn’t know about. You get to start knowing people better. To have Myspace even if you are younger than 13 years old.

Young kids should be able to have  a Myspace, if they wish to have one. You get to make new friends and just (plain) meeting people. You get to communicate or chat clearly. You can look up friends and new friends as well. You learn from “talking”/chatting with people all over the world. People can see how you are and start knowing you better. Young kids enjoy Myspace a lot.The kids could really have fun. They should be able to have a choice

Having a Myspace while you are younger than 13 may have some consequences. Like people you dot want to meet , they could cause problems if you try to ignore them. If something happens to you, Myspace would not be and could not be sued. Myspace may no be safe all the time. Some people could be abuser’s.! They would want to “communicate” and be your “friend”. You may not know what to do because your head wont be prepared because you will be to young. Maybe you will have your head like a babies is. Still developing new things. Some people could be able to get in your profile and get your personal information. They may not be the age they claim to be.  They could be younger or older. You may not really know that person.  So how can a parent of a child that is younger than 13 know Myspace i s safe?
Young kids younger than 13 but older than 9 years old should be able to have a choice to be able ot have Myspace. They have the whole choice here/ If the kids think they are ready to have a Myspace they should go for it. But if they think they. They should wait a while. a Young kid actually mature with having a Myspace. They could learn how to be independent. They could start doing things alone. They could feel proud of themselves but if the young kids doesn’t know if they should, they should ask her parents. But in my option kids younger than 13 but older than 9 should get to have a Myspace.
Should kids under 13 but older than 9 be able to have a Myspace? That’s the real question. They could learn a lot form having a Myspace. Like if they are not that social this could help them break free. If they are shy this could help them break off their shell. I think Myspace is a great way to Communicate with people . So Myspace should lower the age of 13 to 9 years old. They should give it a try to see how it works. So think about this…. should kids younger than 13 but older than 9 be able to have a myspace? think about that.

Time to nominate (for the last time)

Well its time to nominate for the last time for the This time i have to nominate a class blog! Which i already picked. The class i nominate is! wwwwwoooooooowwwwww go Miss Nichol’s blog! I just love the blog! It has so many intersting things. Like it has the team pet. That is so adorable! She has put work up of us. She has also put intersting things in the blog like posts about animals.That are funny. She also writes so many good things. Her posts are so good. You could see what she is reading,wants to read or read. Her blog is off the hook! That is why I nominate this blog!


Well again i have to nominate someone for the But this time it is a bit difference. You are suppose to nominate someone not from your class but from another place. And i already have my blog that I would like to nominate. That blog is I liked her blog a lot. She had sweet things in the sides. She had animals, little cute animals, a time clock. And bunch more but what i liked really was her writing. She wrote so many intersting things. Like how she got her name,Melissa. And it looks like she didn’t miss any challenges. She wrote a lot about her class as well. She had her blogs that she likes. She wrote a poem that was really lovely. So her blog was the best blog i have seen from other people blogs. She really took her time in the blog.So that’s why I nominated her blog.

Time to nominate

Well it’s time to nominate! We are supposed to nominate a student from your class for the So i already picked my blog. The blog that i nominate is That blog is funny and gives very intersting facts(which may be funny facts) He is always updating his blog. He does great with the challenges. He also always write’s the truth. He put very good pictures in his blog as well. The pictures really express what he is thinking and writing at the same blog. So that is the blog i nominate from my class.

Challenge 10

So this is for the blog challenge 10

  • How many posts did you write? I wrote 11 post’s
  • How many were school based or your own interests? Many were school and two of intersest.
  • How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? i have recieved 19 comments
  • Which post received the most comments? The post in the future we go….. got five post’s.Why do you think that happened? It happened probably because it was a story was make believe and i was saying my ideas that will happen in the future.
  • Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?  I enjoyed writing the post for challenge 4 about my break
  • Did you change blog themes at all and why? Yes from the pink one to the twitter because it looks more like a teenager than a little girl.
  • How many widgets do you have? I have 7 widgets. Do you think this is too many or not enough? I think that is enough because it shows links,guidance and information.

This is four questions that my partner read and answered about my blog!

  • What were your first impressions of this blog? This blog is very white, but then when I scrolled down I noticed it got a little bit of color. I noticed I liked this blog.
  • What captured your attention?  How many books she read and haw much she writes.
  • What distracted you on the blog? On how many books she read.
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? To do more writing.


This weeks challenge is about infographic . all know that infographic’s give us the power of making a graph and showing information. I think a infographic is a good thing and was very smart. The people use the graphs to show information and to have proof of a statement. I fit well in the infographics, they are so easy to make and understand. There is also so many ways in making a infographic’s.  This is not really typical of my friends. They do love the computer but they are not that into them. My cousin does have a Facebook and she does spend her whole day in Facebook. She does that when she wakes up and until she goes to sleep. There is no way of taking her eyes out of the computer. It is kind of creepy and not natural. Though she doesn’t see it that way!


Some sunny days

On which we are joyful

Moments of peace and quite

Each of us humans happy

Days are supposed to feel nice to you

As you wake up until night

You feel joyful and excited

So enjoy some days to come

Earth Day’s

Dear USA

I think Earth day is a important day. We need to not waste so many paper. We need to think about how many trees were killed to give us those pieces of paper. We also have to think about the oxygen that trees  give us to survive. Without trees the earth had of not survive. That also includes the things as humans and animals on the Earth. We would not survive at all. We all need all the help of the Earth and it needs us! so help us save the trees and the Earth. We need all the help we could get! The earth need us.

Where I’m Going for Spring Break

I’m going to one two places for my vacation. First I’m going to leave with my aunt uncle and cousin to a place where I have never been before but they want to keep it a secret  to make it more fun for me and my older cousin. The other place I’m going to is with my grandma grandpa and their adorable three dogs. We will be going to a park I have been going since I was a baby. The park is named in another language but if it is named in english it would be called “The Dead Park” . There is’nt really dead things there. It was a title they gave the park. In that park you are able to hike. You need to pass little rivers climb up rocks or down rocks. Then there is a nice meadow. We rest there and we keep on going until we reach the regular park again.  That’s what I am going to do for my spring vacation.